Aruba is changing the rules of networking by creating smart digital experiences provided by a next-generation, software-defined, secure network designed for mobile and IoT. With intelligent network access control for wired and wireless networks, Aruba offers customers visibility and control for their WAN, the ability to protect their organization from inside and out, and centralized network operations to resolve network issues before they disrupt their business. Aruba’s industry-leading Secure NAC Solution covers the entire set of enterprise access control use cases from wired to wireless, guest, BYOD onboarding, and policy-based remediation and response.

CPP Associates is a certified Silver Aruba partner. Because we are an industry leader in networking for wired and wireless solutions, our partnership with Aruba fuels our ability to help our customers establish secure, highly available, high-speed, secure wired and wireless networks with these featured solutions:

What is 802.11ax? 

The proliferation of devices, diversity of applications and the latency-sensitive traffic from voice, video streaming and IoT will only continue to increase. The industry has responded by introducing 802.11ax (also known as Wi-Fi 6), the new standard for the next generation wireless technology which promises faster speeds, increased throughput and a better overall Wi-Fi experience.  CPP and Aruba – a Hewlett Packard Company – have the solutions that can make your organization future-proof and future-ready to handle these new 802.11ax-enabled devices.   Watch our video to learn more…

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