Data Intelligence

Today, the top 5 largest companies in the world (by market cap) are all based on data and not on a tangible good or service. “Data-based” companies who started 10 to 15 years ago are growing fast and quickly taking market share from more traditional rivals.

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Networking & Security

In a Hybrid world, having strong cloud partnerships is paramount. As such, CPP has partnered with market leading providers to enable customers to have real choice in where they build their data centers and run applications of all types. CPP has partnerships will all the best in class Cloud providers such as: Amazon, Azure, Google…

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Managed Services

Managed Services are quickly becoming the swiss army knife of IT Infrastructure delivery and a cornerstone of Hybrid IT. By enabling managed services, clients are able to meet business requirements while attaining cloud like economics. CPP has partnered with a few key aaS providers to deliver on the promise of Hybrid.

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IT Infrastructure Solutions

CPP believes the world is going Hybrid. We have the team and tools that allow us to determine which workloads should go where and on what type of infrastructure. We can help you determine if Composable, Converged, Traditional, or Hyperconverged best suits your needs. One Size definitely does not fit all.

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Welcome to CPP

Using our Infrastructure Anywhere Assessment methodology, CPP helps our clients to determine where their applications should reside and then assists in procurement, implementation and management of the optimal approach… whether it be on-prem, cloud or a hybrid approach.

Infrastructure Anywhere Assessments

IAA – Right Place, Right Time, Right Cost, Right Risk, Right Approach

Case Studies

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From Our Clients

CPP via its Infrastructure Anywhere Assessment was able to prove that “On-Premises Done Right” is more cost effective and more in line with our business requirements than a public cloud”

-Financial Services Firm

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