Storage Services

Storage Services

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Storage Workshop

Storage Workshop

TypingThe Storage Workshop is a one-day session designed to help your organization understand the most cost-effective solutions to store and manage your critical business data. Leveraging industry-proven best practices, our experts work closely with your IT staff to understand your storage environment, growth forecasts, and business, operational, and financial concerns to help define the best approach to managing your data.

Prior to the Storage Workshop, we will define specific objectives and customize it to your specific business requirements. As part of the workshop, our experts will:

  • Provide tools or worksheets to assist us in collecting data about your environment.
  • Conduct the workshop on-site with your IT staff, discussing specifics about your environment, industry trends, and common practices we have observed in other environments.

Workshop Topics
Potential workshop topics include:

  • Storage management best practices.
  • Industry trends in disk, tape, and software technologies.
  • Maximizing the use of existing resources.
  • Leveraging new technologies to reduce operational costs.
  • Managing growth and controlling administrative effort.
Storage Design

Storage Design

DesignOur Storage Design services are intended to provide an end-to-end evaluation of storage requirements, enabling us to design a storage solution that meets your specific requirements for today, and as you grow in the future.

Working with your IT staff, we will define specific objectives for the engagement and customize them to your specific business requirements. During the engagement our experts will:

  • Interview IT staff, discussing specifics about your environment, business initiatives, and current operational processes for storage management.
  • Work with your IT staff and key decision makers to align business objectives with storage management challenges — identifying and recovery objectives based on business, operational, and financial requirements.
  • Conduct an on-site data collection session, bringing in our highly-customized and non-disruptive tools to quickly and efficiently gather the key data from your current storage configuration and system log files.
  • Work with your IT staff to identify the critical dependencies between systems and data flow to identify data consistency groups for critical business applications.
  • Analyze the information by leveraging our customized suite of tools and industry-recognized best practices for defining current storage requirements and predicting future needs.
  • Design a solution and recommend an optimum configuration that includes software, hardware, and services for a best-in-class solution.
Storage Implementation

Storage Implementation

ImplementationCPP’s Storage Implementation services are customized engagements for organizations that want to install, integrate, and test HP, X-IO, EMC, and HDS storage systems.

Our experts provide comprehensive project management, ensuring that best practices are followed and well documented, and that your IT staff is prepared to assume responsibility for the infrastructure once the engagement is complete.

Our storage implementation services include the following activities:

  • A technical project manager will provide the project planning and integration expertise to coordinate different project resources, including vendors.
  • A storage expert will provide architectural oversight to ensure the solution meets business, operational, and technical objectives, and provide guidance throughout the project to the implementation team.
  • The implementation team will help integrate the storage solution into the environment and perform general knowledge transfer about the implementation to the IT staff.
  • Our technical project manager and storage expert will help create a comprehensive test plan that verifies the functionality of the storage solution.