Disaster Recovery


Disaster Recovery Services

Disaste1rPlanning to recover your business from a disaster is very complex, and involves much more than just protecting your data. Recovery plans need to ensure the appropriate infrastructure, people, and processes are in place to quickly begin the recovery process as soon as possible after declaring a disaster.

Our Disaster Recovery Workshop is intended to help organizations identify cost-effective ways to incorporate disaster recovery practices into their environment, and leverage existing infrastructure, without the need for a lengthy and costly disaster recovery assessment.

Our experts spend time with your IT staff, focusing on your business and infrastructure, discussing the realities of disaster recovery and the practical aspects of declaring a disaster, as well as recovering operations and returning to service after the disaster.


This workshop addresses the critical elements of planning for a disaster including:

  • What are the basic requirements to begin recovering from a disaster?
  • What are practical Recovery Time Objectives?
  • How do we really identify the businesses tolerance for disruption and data loss?
  • Should my recovery site be owned? Leased? Hot? Warm? Cold?
  • What technologies can help me protect and manage my data to meet my Recovery Time and Point Objectives?
  • How do I ensure consistency and integrity of my data across different systems?
  • How do we really identify the businesses tolerance for disruption and data loss?
  • How detailed should my DR plans be, and how often should I test them?


This workshop is designed for companies that are:

  • Looking to develop a new disaster recovery strategy or update an existing disaster recovery plan.
  • Upgrading their existing backup and recovery or SAN environment.
  • Considering storage or data replication.
  • Considering replacing tape with backup-to-disk or virtual tape technologies.
  • Expanding their business to another location.