Our Team


Jonathan Jeans – Partner

Jonathan Jeans has over 30 years experience as an enterprise consultant and project manager in storage, storage networking, backup/recovery, and business continuity solutions. Prior to CPP, Jonathan served as Director of Consulting Services for Brocade/McDATA’s Professional Services group, where he was responsible for overseeing practice leaders, service engineering, and marketing personnel. Prior to McDATA, Jonathan worked for 15 years at Bellcore (now Telcordia), where he performed S/390 technology planning and corporate backup management. He also spent 12 years at Gibbs & Hill as a manager of systems and telecommunications. Jonathan currently provides guidance for all Professional and Technical services at CPP Associates.


Dan Hogan – Partner

Dan Hogan started his career in technology at the Associated Press as a Technician and held various positions there, including developing a support contract business unit and participating in the development team for the first digital camera created for photojournalism. He left the AP to join technology reseller Berkshire Computer Products/Articulent as a Project Manger, managing projects for EMC, Compaq/HP, HDS, IBM largely around storage and backup in the Northeast. Berkshire/Articulent was purchased by CNT, then by McDATA, and then finally by Brocade. Dan’s last role at Brocade was as a Finance Manager responsible for structuring the top 5% opportunities in the company. Dan is responsible for operations at CPP Associates.


Pat O’Dell – Partner

Pat O’Dell started his IT career at EMC in 1987, holding a variety of roles including Enterprise Executive responsible for CitiGroup, AT&T, and Merck. Since leaving EMC, Pat has held many roles in the last 20 years, and has acted as partner, reseller, and consultant to many large IT infrastructure companies, including: IBM, HP, Compaq, Amdahl, NetApp, EMC, Brocade, and multiple smaller ones. He and his teams have been focused on IT infrastructure projects and have served dozens of Fortune 1000 clients and hundreds of smaller organizations during this time. Pat joined CPP Associates as partner in 2010 and leads their sales efforts.